6 Positions You Must Try with a Sex Doll (according to Reddit)

Enhance Your Experience with These Techniques

Exploring the sensual potential of sex dolls offers a chance to elevate the intimacy of one’s solo adventures in exhilarating ways. These meticulously crafted figures, ranging from complete anatomically correct forms to torso-only variations, cater to a multitude of tastes and desires. They represent the next step in the evolution of pleasure, transcending the realm of simple toys and into the space of lifelike partners, capable of delivering deeply satisfying experiences akin to real human touch.

The realism woven into each silicone or TPE skin creation, paired with a flexible internal skeleton, allows for an array of sexual positions that promise enhanced stimulation and orgasmic bliss. Whether one seeks the tender embrace of spooning or the vigorous intensity of doggy style, sex dolls can be positioned to oblige and are designed to handle the pursuit of peak pleasure, complete with the visual and tactile allure of a real partner, without stepping into the complex dynamics of human emotions.

Key Takeaways

  • Sex dolls offer a diverse range of sexual positions that enhance intimate experiences.
  • The lifelike features of sex dolls, including adjustable skeletons, provide realistic sensations.
  • Proper positioning with a sex doll can lead to increased stimulation and satisfying orgasms.


The "Bent Over" position, widely favored for its simplicity and comfort, involves positioning the sex doll so she is leaning forward onto a surface, such as a table or bed, with her waist bent. This stance allows for either anal or vaginal play, and, to spice things up a bit, slipping her into some high heels can enhance the overall experience by accentuating her curves.

Ease of Access
: Beginner Friendly

Advantages and Considerations

  • Suited for various locations, from bedrooms to more adventurous settings.
  • Improves enjoyment when using different furniture pieces as support.
  • Gentle on the doll's skin when non-abrasive items like soft pillows or cushioned surfaces are used.
  • Conversely, common furniture may be less cushiony than a mattress, so provide extra care when choosing the surface.
  • Pay attention to the sex doll’s knees, as prolonged positioning might lead to wear, so consider padding for sustained periods.

While executing this position, a user should maintain a considerate approach towards the doll, especially considering the premium materials like silicone and TPE utilized in their design to enhance realism and durability. For those intrigued by the appeal of the "Bent Over" position, explore an array of dolls specifically designed to meet these desires at ultra-realistic sex dolls. Finding the right doll can make all the difference, ensuring every encounter is as exhilarating as intended.

2. Wall Embrace Position

Engaging in intimacy with a sex doll presents an array of positions, and one particularly invigorating method is the Wall Embrace Position. This approach involves having the sex doll positioned with her back to you while leaning against the wall, eliciting a sense of thrill and deep connection.

Execution Steps:

  • Position the doll so that she is facing the corner of a room.
  • Ensure her arms are outstretched against the walls for stability.
  • Lift one of her legs to facilitate depth and intensify the experience.

Performance Level:
 Intermediate - suitable for those with some experience.

Advantages & Challenges:

  • Enhanced Depth: Optimal for achieving a profound level of penetration.
  • Kinky Venue Versatility: Perfect backdrop for adventurous spots like showers or balconies.
  • Height Differential: May require adjustment, spreading the doll's legs can help align for comfort.

Those eager to explore this tantalizing position may find the perfect partner among ultra-realistic TPE sex dolls, designed for dynamic use and ready to fulfill the desired scenario.

Remember, while the sense of adventure is alluring, make sure to consider the physical alignment to avoid any awkward or uncomfortable attempts at intimacy. With a bit of setup and adjustment, the Wall Embrace Position can vastly enhance your encounter.


Engaging in a cozy embrace with your companion doll can be both subtle and satisfying. The famed spooning position, often recognized for its closeness and warmth, exemplifies a tender yet enticing experience. Here's how it unfolds:

  • Position: The doll is nestled on her side, limbs gently folded.
  • Accessibility: Navigate your way from behind, as you lift the doll's top leg for a seamless entry.
  • Perfect for larger-sized dolls, eliminating the hassle of hoisting.

Perks to Anticipate

  • Heightened Realism: Feel the heat as snug positioning simulates real-life intimacy.
  • Effortless Ease: A beginner-friendly setup that promises a smooth encounter.

Though you might miss gazing into her eyes, spooning is a gateway to an immersive, authentic connection. For those who fancy a fuller embrace, consider exploring options like BBW-curvy dolls built to accentuate the spooning encounter with a truly genuine touch.

4. Doggy Style

: For Beginners

  • What it is: A classic position that offers deep and dynamic penetration.
  • How to do it: Have the doll on all fours; her upper body should be angled down with arms extended above her head. Separate her legs slightly for stability.
  • Pace: From delicate to vigorous pumping, tailor to your preference.
  • Intensity: Elevates with the option for spanking.

Benefits for Your Doll

  • Deep Sensation: Especially great for those seeking intense play.
  • Customizable: Adjust the pace to suit the mood, whether light or rough.


  • Care for Her Knees: Protect from friction with soft surfaces or padding.
  • Post-play: Straighten her into a neutral stance to prevent wear and tear.
  • Intensity Level: Dial it up with a smack on the booty or keep it classy; both work wonders.

For an assortment of dolls that can withstand this position, check out our excellent range of ultra-realistic sex dolls. Remember, the care you take during and post-session will ensure longevity and the continued pleasures of the doggy style experience.

5. Cowgirl

In the exuberant Cowgirl position, the one lies serenely on their back while their compliant companion takes the helm, straddling them in a squatting pose. This allows for deeper penetration and a hands-free experience to explore. Flipping this scenario gives you the spicy variation of Reverse Cowgirl, offering a visual treat and an entirely new dynamic in sensation.

  • Complexity: Moderate
  • Enjoy the dynamic control as your doll takes the lead.

Advantages and Considerations

  • A fantastic way to experience the weight of your doll to bolster your rhythm
  • May require a bit more effort for setup compared to simplistic stances

For those with a penchant for playful encounters, exploring these positions might be just the zest you need in your bedroom repertoire. For an enticing selection of partners craving to be your cowgirl, mosey on over to the curated collection of petite sex dolls, each crafted to enhance your adventurous encounters.

6. Missionary

Missionary position, known for its simplicity, remains a frequently chosen method for physical intimacy. In this configuration, one can position their sex doll lying on its back, with its legs bent and parted or resting upon the partner's shoulders, creating a close and personal ambiance.


  • User-friendly for beginners
  • Enhances the feeling of connection
  • High success for orgasm achievement


  • Might become mundane over time

Enhancements for Enjoyment:
 Combine this position with some visual stimuli, such as an adult film. If the actors shift to another position, like doggy style, replicate it with your doll to intensify the experience.

Compatibility with Sex Dolls:
 When engaging with any sex doll, ensure you've taken the necessary preparatory measures, like proper lubrication and warming the doll if required, for a safer and more realistic encounter.

Whether you're indulging in the missionary or innovating with different postures, the pursuit is a thrilling escapade. Immerse into a vast selection of realistic sex companions that cater to all your preferences and discover the perfect match.

Common Queries Regarding Intimate Doll Positioning

Optimal Cozy Configurations for Intimate Dolls

When you're cozying up with your synthetic sweetheart, you'll want to ensure maximum comfort for both you and your doll. Here's a quick bullet list to keep things snug as a bug in a rug:

  • The Side Spoon: It's just like big spoon, little spoon, but your doll's flexibility makes it a dream come true.
  • The Classic Missionary: A timeless favorite that's easy and straightforward.
  • Reclining on a Sofa: Prop her up, lay back, and enjoy the comfort of your couch.

Ensuring Stability During Your Doll's Acrobatics

Don't want your doll doing a face-plant mid-romance? Here's the stability playbook:

  • Firm Base: Use pillows or props to support your doll in various positions.
  • Gentle Handling: Move the doll into positions slowly to avoid any toppling.
  • Surface Awareness: Always position on a safe, flat surface to prevent any slip-sliding away.

The Limber Love Doll Lineup

Let’s talk about the gymnasts of the doll world. For the particularly pliable dolls out there, certain positions allow them to shine:

  • The Doggy Dive: Get your flexible friend on all fours for this classic.
  • The Bendy Back Arch: Let her arch her back for a pose as impressive as a yoga instructor.

For a Taste of True-To-Life Tenderness

Looking for that 'real' feeling? Consider these suggestions:

  • Looking Into Eyes: Face your doll for positions that allow eye-to-eye contact.
  • The Dance: Stand face to face; it's all about wraparound limbs for closeness.

Top Picks for Doll Positioning Newbies

Hey, we all start somewhere! If you're fresh to the world of intimacy dolls, here's where to begin:

  • Simple Spooning: Great for a first-timer, spooning is intimate and secure.
  • Laying Lovers: Have your doll lie on her back or front for a no-fuss, easy approach.

After-Play Cleanup Check

Post-fun, it's time to tidy up. Here's the quick and clean guide:

  • Regular Soap and Water: It works wonders. Just be gentle.
  • Spot Cleaning: Focus on the areas of contact.
  • Air Dry: Let your doll air out before storage—no rush.