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Founded by a group of industry veterans disenchanted with the restrictive and often questionable practices prevalent in the sex doll industry, Doll Authority was established with a revolutionary spirit and a clear mission. Our founders, former employees from various prominent sex doll vendors, were motivated by a shared frustration over the pervasive issues such as spammy behavior, unethical business dealings, and a lack of innovation. United by a vision to redefine industry standards, Doll Authority was born out of a commitment to prioritize customer satisfaction, product quality, and groundbreaking advancements in AI technology. Our goal is simple: to provide exceptional service and superior products that enhance the lives of our customers without compromising on ethics or quality.

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  • Tim Goldings, Founder

    With over nine years of experience in the sex toys and doll industry, Tim brings a wealth of knowledge and a passionate commitment to excellence. Based in New York, Tim's leadership is driven by a vision to innovate and improve every aspect of the customer experience, ensuring that Doll Authority leads the market with integrity and creativity.

  • Dr. Olivia, Sex Education & Therapy Expert

    Dr. Olivia is a leading figure in the realm of sex education and therapy. As our in-house expert, she combines her extensive research background with a deep understanding of human sexuality to enhance the realism and empathy of our AI dolls. Her work ensures that Doll Authority's products are not just physically satisfying but also emotionally resonant.

  • Dr. Jin Lee, Head of AI 

    With two decades of experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Dr. Jin Lee is at the forefront of integrating sophisticated AI into our products. An avid doll enthusiast himself, Dr. Lee is continuously pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve in interactive and responsive technologies. His innovative work is setting new benchmarks for what AI-enhanced companions can offer.

  • Kaye, Head of Customer Support

    The heart of our customer relations, Kaye's exceptional organizational skills and dedication to customer satisfaction are unmatched. She ensures that every customer's experience is smooth and enjoyable from start to finish. Kaye's ability to keep our operations running flawlessly is indispensable to our success.

  • Jeremy Hastings, Head of Sales and Partnerships

    Formerly the head of sales at a well-known doll wives website, Jeremy was drawn to Doll Authority by a shared desire to uphold integrity and respect within the industry. Frustrated by the malpractices and lack of appreciation for staff at his previous position, he now leads our efforts in forging valuable partnerships and expanding our market presence, ensuring that both our team and our customers feel valued and respected.

  • This talented team drives Doll Authority forward, ensuring our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and innovation remains strong as we continue to lead the industry in ethical practices and technological advancements.

    Please say hello at hello[at]dollauthority[dot]com and ask for any of us to be routed to the right person. Including press inquiries. 

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