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Doll Authority is at the forefront of technological innovation in the interactive sex doll industry, merging sophisticated AI with high-quality craftsmanship to create lifelike, interactive sex dolls. Our commitment is to revolutionize the experience of companionship, offering users dolls that not only look realistic but also can engage in meaningful conversations, remember personal stories, and evolve through interactions. As a leader in a rapidly advancing field, Doll Authority is dedicated to ethical practices, cutting-edge technology, and creating products that significantly enhance the quality of life for our users.

Joining the Doll Authority team means being part of a dynamic, forward-thinking company that values creativity, innovation, and inclusivity. We provide a nurturing environment where every team member is encouraged to push boundaries and contribute ideas that drive the industry forward. Working with us is not just about building a career—it’s about being at the cutting edge of technology and human interaction, making a tangible impact on future technologies, and helping shape new ways for people to connect and interact with AI-powered companions. 

  • Sex Doll Product Tester and AI Trainer (Remote)

    Role Overview:
    Doll Authority, a leading innovator in the realm of interactive sex dolls, is seeking a Sex Doll Product Tester and AI Trainer. This unique role combines traditional product testing with the cutting-edge field of AI, contributing to the development of our AI dolls that remember and engage in meaningful conversations based on past interactions.

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