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About Doll Authority

Who are the masterminds behind Doll Authority?

Doll Authority isn't just your ordinary sex doll store—it's our lovechild! We're a bunch of enthusiastic folks scattered from the bustling streets of NYC and Wyoming their paper fort (don’t ask, it’s a tax thing). We are 100% real humans, promise! Drop us an email and behold—actual replies from actual people! Not only do we sport a quirky team across the US, Europe, and Asia, but they're also ninjas at customer support, admin acrobatics, and website wizardry.

Why should you choose Doll Authority over the others?

Well, we’re like the boutique coffee shop of the sex doll world—small but mighty! Here’s what makes us stand out:

  • Personal Touch: We're small, nimble, and not buried under piles of corporate red tape. This means lower overheads, bigger savings for you, and service so personal it’s like your best friend helping you shop.
  • Ever-Growing Collection: Each week, we bring new dolls into the fold, all certified and genuine—no imposters here!
  • Easy-Peasy Payment Plans: Spread the cost with our interest-free payment plans. Pick terms that work like a charm for you.
  • Quality Control Ninjas: Our inspection squad in China personally checks your doll before it ships out. We'll even send you an inspection report—talk about VIP treatment!
  • Price Match Perfection: Find a lower price elsewhere? We’ll match it. Because why should you pay more?
  • Free Shipping & VAT Clearance: Free shipping globally, always. Plus, we handle the VAT mess so you don’t have to.
  • The Doll Authority Guarantee: 100% money back if things go sideways. Lifetime help with repairs. We’re here to ensure your peace of mind.
  • Hablamos Español: Yep, we’re multicultural too, based right out of the melting pot of New York.

The Doll Authority Guarantee

The Doll Authority Guarantee: Love It or We Make It Right!

At Doll Authority, we get it—your doll isn’t just a purchase; it’s a full-blown relationship. And with any solid relationship, it comes with a promise: we’re here to make you smile, not frown. We understand the investment you make when you choose one of our exquisite companions. After all, these beauties aren’t picked off a doll tree!

Why We Stand Out

It’s a wild world out there with too many sellers playing the game of thrones with your emotions and wallets, peddling subpar sweethearts and offering service that leaves much to be desired. That’s just not our style. At Doll Authority, we're here to spruce up this community with love, care, and a commitment to quality that’s as steadfast as your love for your doll.

The Doll Authority Guarantee: Our Vow to You

We’ve unfurled the Doll Authority Guarantee, a shiny shield of satisfaction to guard your peace of mind. When you adopt a doll from us, here’s our pinky promise:

  • No Nasty Surprises: If your doll or accessory isn’t living up to the hype, we’ll fix it faster than you can say “makeup malfunction!” We’ll sort out any defects or oopsies at no extra cost or replace the doll, pronto. No ifs, ands, or buts—just solutions.
  • Lifelong Pals: And because we’re in this for the long haul, you get lifetime support for repairs. We’re talking handy email and video tips to tackle quick fixes right at home. This premium service is exclusively for dolls adopted from Doll Authority, and yes, we’ll need proof they’re ours.

How to Claim Your Guarantee

  • Immediate Coverage: From the moment you check out, your doll is covered. No need to sign up or jump through hoops; you're automatically in our care.
  • Quick Response Time: Spot something off within 24 hours of your doll’s arrival? Shoot us an email at with all the juicy details—pictures, videos, the works. We’re on it!

The Not-So-Fine Print

What about the nitty-gritty, you ask? Here’s what’s not covered:

  • Minor Mysteries: Slight skin imperfections or color variations are part of your doll's unique charm. Major issues? We catch those before they leave our HQ.
  • Nails & Lashes: They might loosen in transit, but a dab of glue will make them good as new.
  • Makeup & Mojo: Each doll is a masterpiece and might vary slightly from her photo. But don’t worry, we ensure she’s drop-dead gorgeous before she departs.
  • No Go on Used Dolls: Once your doll’s been loved, she can’t be returned, but we’re here to help her look her best with repairs.

Why Not Everyone Does This

Think it's obvious to offer this level of care? So do we, but sadly, not all sellers agree. They dodge the commitment, citing the "nature of the product." Not us—we believe if she arrives less than perfect, we owe it to you to make it right.

Double-Checking Divas

Our dolls undergo rigorous quality checks—from factory floor snapshots to hands-on inspections at our hub—ensuring your new companion is in tip-top shape for her grand entrance.

Found a Better Price?

Spotted a better deal elsewhere? Hit the Request Price Match button on our product pages. We match prices of legit, certified dolls—no black-market bargains!

Your Shopping Cart Awaits

Ready to meet the doll of your dreams with zero worries? Doll Authority’s got your back, front, and sideways. Shop with confidence and let the good times roll!

Hope this tickles your fancy! If there's anything more you'd like to tweak or add, just say the word!

How does sex feel with a TPE or Silicone doll?

Ever wondered what makes Doll Authority dolls so… exhilarating? Let’s talk about the sensational suction! When you get cozy with one of our dolls, a vacuum effect kicks in inside the doll’s entries, cranking up the thrill level. And oh boy, the oral entry? It’s a game-changer for mind-blowing experiences that might just have you seeing stars!

Our dolls are crafted to offer an ultra-realistic experience. From the tantalizing texture inside the vaginal and anal entries to the meticulously molded shapes, every detail is designed to deliver a deeply satisfying encounter. The vaginal lips are artfully sculpted, allowing for a lifelike stretch that’s both visually and physically captivating.

But wait, there’s more in the mouth! Think soft, stretchy lips and an optional ultra-soft tongue for those seeking an extra touch of realism—or dare we say—magic? And yes, the silicone teeth and hinged jaw (also part of our Enhanced Mouth option) add that jaw-dropping edge, literally. Plus, the tongue isn’t just there for the feels; it’s removable for easy cleaning and to give you a bit more room to explore.

Oh, and those internal ribs in the mouth? They’re all about adding that extra layer of pleasure to every moment.

Ready to explore a world of delightful realism with our Doll Authority companions? They’re more than just dolls—they’re a ticket to a journey of joy and jaw-dropping sensations!

Beware of scams and frauds. How to detect a fraudulent seller?

Navigating the Naughty World of Nefarious Doll Dealers

Heads up, doll enthusiasts! We know the web can be a wild west of shady sellers and sketchy scams. Some of these bad apples are notorious for peddling counterfeit cuties or, even worse, taking your money and disappearing into the internet ether. Yes, it’s enough to make anyone’s silicone shiver!

This unfortunate trend has understandably brewed a cauldron of fear and suspicion within our lovely community. For genuine family-run shops like ours—yep, it’s just us, a dedicated husband and wife team—this vibe makes it tough to thrive. But don't worry, we're on a mission to change that!

Our Promise to You: Going the Extra Mile

We're bending over backwards (and forwards) to cement our reputation as your trustworthy and transparent doll destination. Why? Because we're not just in this business; we're passionate about it. No one else will match the level of support and personalized care that we pour into every interaction and transaction. Plus, we're proud to be an approved vendor on The Doll Forum (TDF), which really means something in these parts!

Spotting the Scammers: The BS Test

Worried about falling for a doll dupe? Here’s how to spot the fakes and fend off the frauds:

  • Too-Good-To-Be-True Prices: If it’s cheaper than your last fast-food run, raise those eyebrows. Many dodgy dealers snag low-quality knock-offs from sites like AliExpress to sell at dirt-cheap prices.
  • One-Trick Payment Ponies: Legit businesses have multiple payment options. If they only accept PayPal, think twice. Real-deal doll shops work hard to secure comprehensive payment systems.
  • Ghostly Contact Details: No phone number? Big red flag. A reputable seller is ready to chat, not hide.
  • Sketchy Snaps: Blurry pics or photos plastered with random logos often mean they’ve been swiped from another site.
  • Stingy Shipping Terms: No free shipping or customs clearance offered? That's not how you treat a valued customer.
  • The Sound of Silence: A quick search of their name turns up nada? That's not a good sign.

In a sea of questionable characters, Doll Authority stands out by not just sailing the extra nautical mile, but by cruising it with flair and integrity. So why navigate this tricky market alone? Drop anchor with us, and let’s enjoy this adventure together!

About My Order

Do you offer discounts for Veterans?

Yes, we do! You can use this code when you order. 


Get $259 off on all full-size dolls above $1200

How long does the order process take?

All dolls are custom made for you according to your preferences. Even the ones ordered "as-is". 

So, on average it takes about 3-6 weeks for the doll to be delivered to you. During the normal season, we average around 12-15 days from ordering to delivery. If for some reason, due to extenuating circumstances e.g. natural disasters, your order gets delayed, we will notify you immediately.

When the order is shipped, we will also send you tracking details. You can read our Shipping & Return policy here for more details.

How can I track the status of my order?

We will send you a tracking number as soon as your doll is shipped.

However, we cannot help you track the order status of your doll in real-time. We are working on a system to implement that real-time tracking soon!

Will my doll look just like in the photos?

All our photos are 100% unedited and shot with professional camera equipment to give you the optimal sense of being right there checking out the doll in person. However, please note the color settings on some screens may vary, and so the colors you may see might be slightly different from the real colors.


In terms, of the make-up, we try to make it as close to the photo as possible. The clothes are usually for demonstration only and same exact outfit is difficult to ship with the doll. Please check with us about it if you have any doubts.

Can I submit modifications to order?

Yes, within 24 hours of placing the order. If it is later than that, it is not currently possible to change the fundamental body or skin color options. If you want different eyes or wig, then that can be done.

I changed my mind. Can I cancel my order?

Please be informed that a modification or cancellation window of 24 hours is available for adjustments related to customization, body type, and other aspects of your order. Beyond this timeframe, we regret to inform you that no further alterations or cancellations can be accommodated, as the production process is initiated.


It is crucial to acknowledge that any cancellations, regardless of payment plans, and those made within the initial 24-hour period, will incur a $150 restocking fee. Following the initial 24 hours, we regret to inform you that no modifications to the order will be considered, and cancellations will not be accepted, with no refunds issued.


We appreciate your understanding of these policies, which are in place to ensure a streamlined and efficient order processing system

I need customizations not currently listed on the website. What do I do?

We're sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact us via phone or email and we'll hook you up with whatever customizations you need for your doll.

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About the Dolls

How to Properly Install a Snap-On Head Connector to Doll Body

Gynoid Models

Comparison of all Gynoid models.

From L or R: Model 7, Model 10, Model 11, and Model 9.


Three TPE types

Standard TPE: Traditional TPE most dolls are made from, time tested, and always reliable.

Extra Jiggly (Jelly): If you like the super-soft, jello feel, and like to see extra jiggle during sex then this is the perfect option. But the material is very delicate to changes of getting damaged easily during shipment or even at home from rough play.

Platinum TPE: This is a premium TPE treated with platinum. This is as close as TPE can get to that Silicone look and feel. Most realistic to the touch and much more durable than traditional TPE.

EVO skeleton (shrugging shoulders) for WM and YL dolls.

What's the difference between the JY Dolls' old and new skeleton?

The new skeleton can shrug the shoulder and gears are added to the joint position.

What's the life span of the dolls?

A well-maintained TPE doll can last anywhere from 2 to 5 yrs. Silicone dolls can practically last indefinitely, but on average 10 yrs is absolutely normal.

This all depends on how rough or gentle one is with their dolls and how much maintenance, care and upkeep they provide.

Fun Fact:  There is a silicone doll that is currently 12 years old and still going strong.

Do you have dolls with stainless steel skeleton?

All dolls on our website except for the DS Foam doll have an inner metal (stainless steel) skeleton with joints that allow the dolls to move and be posed in a realistic fashion.

Difference between shrugging and standard shoulders?

With the standard shoulder, you can only pose her in certain ways. And with shrugging it allows you more degrees of freedom to pose her. Plus, she looks more realistic in some pose with a shrugged shoulder.

What doll brands have anatomically correct holes?

Zelex, WM, YL, OR, Irontech, DS and Sino in silicone dolls have more anatomically correct hole placements. 

How to prevent wear and tear?

Wear and tear is normal. The only way to prevent it is by taking proper cleaning and storage care. Also, learning how to use a silicone repair kit, TPE stain remover and TPE glue to touch up bruises, stains, and small cuts, as well as a heat gun or hot knife to smooth over cuts, thus minimizing the appearance of scars, is recommended. 

We include a detailed care and maintenance guide for every doll purchase. 

What are spare parts?

This refers to any additional parts you may need to replace in the future like eyes, wigs, vaginal insert, etc.

What does a metal doll skeleton look like?

Here's a sample skeleton (traditional, not EVO - squatting). This is a 145cm Irontech Doll skeleton:

Skeleton Skeleton2 Skeleton3

An upgrade, EVO skeleton has a higher range of motion e.g. squatting. Here's an example of an Irontech 150cm upgraded skeleton:

Skeleton4 Skeleton5

What's the difference of enhanced mouth and standard mouth?

The enhanced mouth for our silicone dolls has artificial tongue and hard silicone teeth which simulate very realistic blowjobs. Standard mouth is just a hole.  We offer this option for both TPE and silicone dolls, with the TPE dolls having TPE teeth and tongue.  Some TPE doll brands already come with teeth molded in, but you can still get the tongue upgrade with the enhanced mouth upgrade.

FYI:  TPE and Silicone should NEVER come in contact with one another, as the silicone will begin to disintegrate and indent, while the TPE will become hard and brittle.


Difference between fixed and removable vagina?

Fixed is better for experienced users and insert is better for first-timers as it is easier to clean. No difference when it comes to durability.

The fixed vagina is in-built into the body of the doll and contains texture, much like that of a real woman's vagina. 

A removable vagina is an insert that can be removed for cleaning and washing (sort of like a Fleshlight).  The vaginal cavity is not textured, like a fixed vagina, rather the insert is textured on the inside and it slides into the vaginal cavity.  The external appearance of the vagina is the same whether you have fixed or removable insert vaginas.  

Do these dolls contain toxic materials?

Not in the slightest. Our team will be happy to provide you complete material testing reports if needed. However, all our manufacturing facilities are regularly inspected and tested to make sure your love doll is 100% safe.

What's the difference between TPE vs Silicone?

These are two of the most popular love doll materials. Here’s a comparison. 

Feature TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) Silicone
Material Feel Softer and more flexible Firmer to the touch
Durability Less durable, more susceptible to stains and tears More durable and resistant to heat and stains
Price Generally less expensive More expensive
Maintenance More porous, requires more maintenance to keep clean Less porous, easier to clean and maintain
Realism High degree of realism, especially in "jiggly" parts Extremely realistic, detailed texturing and coloring
Heat Retention Retains heat but can be damaged by excessive heat Better at retaining heat without damage
Customization Limited customization options Wide range of customization options available
Review Table

How does a sex doll blowjob compare to the real thing?

Sex dolls are designed with a focus on realism, offering a lifelike experience that many find satisfying. The oral feature of a sex doll is crafted with high-quality materials to simulate the feel and texture one might expect. While sex dolls provide a physical simulation, each person's experience can vary based on individual preferences and expectations. It's important to note that while sex dolls can offer a form of sexual simulation, they do not replace the emotional connection and interaction that comes with a human partner.

Why do you sell small/short love dolls?

The main reason being size and weight. The more material there is, the heavier the doll gets. And it get's pretty heavy as it is 100% dead-weight in the full-grown body size. Also, as the doll grows the amount of material used increases, thus the doll’s price increases.

A lot of our customers may have limited storage space, are older or need to hide their product from others. So, having a smaller doll is convenient. 

At the same time, we're aware of concerns about illegal sexual activities and we fully cooperate with local laws. Please remember that these products were designed to fulfill companionship needs. We are in no way marketing, implying, nor condoning any illegal sexual activity.

Do you sell just the doll heads?

Yes, we do. Please contact us at

Do you sell male sex dolls?

Yes, we do. They can be found here.

What's the best way to heat the dolls?

Some dolls come with built-in full body heating. Others need an electric blanket or a USD heating wand that can be inserted in various doll orifices to heat. Care must be taken to heat the doll properly to avoid damages. 

I would like a fantasy doll; can you make me one?

Yes! We have several standard fantasy options available already including custom skin tones, specialty and animal eyes, elf ears, a devil face, fangs etc. Specifics depends on the brand of the doll. Please contact us at

Can I get customized labia and nipples?

Yes, you can customize the color of labia as well as the color and size of the nipples/areola in the customization options for individual doll. Please check your doll's product page. 

Are tattoos available?

Yes, some brands like Climax, Sino and Irontech have tattoos as an add-on option in the customization options. However, we can also help you get the right tattoo and ship them with your order. Extra items may ship separate from your doll. Please contact us with specific requests.

Also, tattoos are stickers.

Can I pierce my doll’s ears, nipples, etc?

Yes. You can pierce your doll anywhere - ears, nose, belly button, clitoris, etc. You should always use a straight piece of jewelry rather than a curved bar for best results. Piercing holes will become permanent after a few days. When using earrings, do not use the earring backs.

Can a doll's fingers close and grip?

Yes, doll fingers have internal wires that allow you to pose the hands, close them and make them hold very light items. The grip is not strong and the fingers should be handled with care

Most of our dolls do come with an option of "Standing Feet" where metal studs are added to the skeletal system. This allows the doll to stand under its own weight.

Can the dolls stand upright, unsupported?

A standard doll cannot stand upright unsupported. The skeletal system is too flexible and collapsible to allow a doll to stand upright. The doll has the poise and relaxed state of a sleeping girl. The skeleton will hold a position as long as there is not a strong force against it, such as gravity. We try to shoot many of our photos of the dolls without supports but in some images the supports have been removed for artistic quality. Dolls can be suspended on chains from the neck bolt on a beam or joist, or they can be supported on stands. The doll can sit unsupported in some positions.

Most of our Doll Authority dolls do come with an option of "Standing Feet" where metal studs are added to the skeletal system. This allows the doll to stand under its own weight. You can read more about it here.

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International Orders

How much is the tax in my country?

You are responsible for finding tax info in your own country. For major international countries like UK, Japan, Aus, Canada, EU, we do know the rates. Please contact us at

How do I place my order from outside the USA?

Our web-site is setup to automatically accept orders from all countries incl. the UK, the EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to safely and securely order your dream doll.

What are your payment policies for International orders?

We are proud to accept crypto-currencies, PayPal and bank-to-bank wire transfers in US Dollars from our International clients. A $50 fee applies to bank-to-bank wire transfers.

Wire transfers can take up to 7 business days to reach us so please let us know the tracking information and your bank name to help us properly identify your payment.

Here's a full list of payment methods.

What are your International shipping policies for doll orders?

Dolls are shipped directly from our factory, in a large unmarked box via DHL, FedEx, or UPS at our discretion. There is no identifying information outside on the box to know what's in it.


Here's what the typical packaging looks like(for illustration purposes only and actual contents may vary).

You can refer to our Shipping & Returns policy for more details.

What are your International shipping policies for accessory orders?

We ship all products in discrete plain brown or white packaging via UPS, FeEx or DHL. Fees vary based on product size and weight. In some countries, customs fees and taxes may be applied. These items are typically delivered directly to your door.

Do I have to pay customs, import taxes and duties?

We cover customs and duties for US order. For other countries, you will be responsible for clearing the customs and paying for any costs associated with it. 

Shipping & Returns

Can I request a specific shipping company?

No, you cannot request a particular shipping company and we have no control over that. It's either FedEx, DHL and rarely UPS. All of these allow in-store pick up. 

Any problems with customs when shipping small dolls?

No, all our small dolls are vetted and we triple verify them (with customs, with shipping companies and with TDF management) before adding to our website. So, all dolls you see here are 100% legal and we've never had any issues importing them into the US.  However, we do not currently ship PiperDoll to AU/CAN/UK due to customs issues arising in the past.

Plus, we do not disclose your personal info on the shipment until it has cleared the customs. So if any issues, the customs department will contact Doll Authority and not you. That's an additional peace of mind you get at Doll Authority. 

How can I track my order?

You can track you order with the tracking number we provided or the Doll Authority order number on the internet or ask our customer support team. 

Do you ship your dolls from within the USA?

Yes, many brands now have warehouses in the US and we can ship as-is dolls from there. Please note for in-stock dolls we cannot customize much besides their wigs or eyes. 

Can you ship the head and body separately?

Yes, it is possible to ship the head and body separately, but in that case, we will kindly ask you to cover the shipping cost of the head.

What comes with the doll?

We ship your doll in a bikini or lingerie set, a blanket, and free items like - extra head, wig, closet hanging hook, cleaning kits, etc. (depends on the doll). Please see details on individual doll page for specifics.


You can ask for specific outfits but we can't guarantee it. Keep in mind that in most cases our dolls have been styled with clothes, accessories and make up for photo display.

Can I return my doll?

No, unfortunately we are unable to accept doll returns. If your order isn't right or has a significant defect, we will compensate, assist you in repair, or completely replace your doll at no cost to you. 


Note: only applies to unused dolls. Please read more about our Doll Authority Guarantee here.

Can I receive delivery at a P.O. box?

Fraud prevention rules allow us to only ship to the verified billing address. The only exception is if you want the doll to be delivered to a FedEx/DHL for your pick-up. Please notify us in advance and fill out the separate shipping location as your shipping address when you check out.

Does delivery require a signature?

Yes, it does.

How discreet is the shipping box?

Our dolls are dispatched straight from our manufacturing facility, enclosed within a sizable, inconspicuous package, and shipped through DHL, FedEx, or UPS, depending on our choice. The exterior of the box does not bear any identifying information, ensuring complete discretion about its contents.

Here's what the typical packaging looks like(for illustration purposes only and actual contents may vary).

Is shipping really free?

Yes, all shipments to the US, Europe and worldwide are free unless otherwise noted on the individual doll page.

What is the lead-time on a doll order?

Each doll, even those selected in standard configurations, is meticulously crafted to meet your specific preferences. This personalized attention ensures the final product truly aligns with your expectations, enhancing your overall satisfaction.

Typical Crafting and Delivery Timeline:

  • Standard Lead Time: On average, our crafting and delivery process takes about 3 to 6 weeks.
  • Expedited Delivery: During periods when our production is at peak efficiency, we often manage to reduce this timeframe significantly. In such cases, orders may be completed and delivered within just 12 to 15 days from the time you place your order.

Handling Unforeseen Delays:

While we strive to maintain these timelines, external factors such as natural disasters or other unexpected events could occasionally impact our schedules. Should your order be delayed under such exceptional circumstances, we will keep you informed promptly of any changes to your expected delivery date.

Tracking Your Order:

Once your order is dispatched, we will provide you with detailed tracking information. This allows you to monitor your order's exact location and status, ensuring you are fully updated on the progress of your delivery.

Can I pick up my doll in person?

Yes, we can arrange for you to pick up your doll in person at your nearest FedEx or UPS store. Please note that we will still need your home shipping address for the order purposes, but the doll won't be delivered there unless you choose to. You can refer to our Shipping & Returns policy for more details. 

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Costs & Payments

Why are your dolls expensive?

There are several different factors that determine the price of the dolls. Some are as follows:

  • TPE vs Silicone - Silicone dolls tend to be more expensive
  • Size - more material (due to height or body mass) equals higher cost

Brand - some brands are more expensive than others because they use more expensive metal skeletons, have higher quality TPE, more premium designs, etc.

Do you offer a lowest price match guarantee?

Yes, we do in certain cases!

Did you find a better price? Click the We Price Match button on any of our product pages (see image below) and we will match the lowest price. By lowest price, we mean realistically low. If someone is selling a fake doll for $500, the original of which actually costs $2100, then we cannot match that.

Exceptions and conditions:

We cannot match prices of sellers who sell inferior black-market dolls (incl. AliExpress, AliBaba, DHGate, etc)

The doll must be identical, (i.e., size, model, quantity, brand, color)

The doll must be in-stock at the time of the price match request

Not valid on offers advertised as percentage off or dollar off on competitor site (e.g., "15% off" or "$5 off")

Not valid on damaged, used, or refurbished dolls

Not valid on dolls that other retailers have listed as clearance, close out, liquidation, special hour/flash/limited quantity offers

Cannot be combined with any other promos or discount codes currently active at Doll Authority.

Price match requests will not be accepted AFTER you place the order. Please do your pricing research before you place the order with us.

Can I use more than one credit card or payment source?

Yes, please contact us about it and we'll help you out.

How will the charges appear on my credit card or bank statement?

You will the charge listed as SP*DAuthority.

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes, we do. Please select the PayPal option during checkout. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay via PayPal.


How Full-Body Heating works

The doll has a plug under the armpit where you plug the heating console in. It has an internal thermostat that will heat and maintain the temperature of the doll at the desired temperature. Once ready to use, you can unplug her and the heat will stay for 60-80 mins. The entire body of the doll will heat and the thermostat ensures that she doesn't overheat and melt.

Doll features that cannot be combined

For WM/YL/OR Dolls:

FULL BODY HEATING cannot be combined with;

  • Shrugging Shoulders
  • Extra Soft Breasts

TPE Jelly - cannot be combined with gel implants - this will cause the doll's breast to tear easily because both materials when combined cannot hold the implant's weight in place thus will cause for the doll's skin to tear easily.


For SINO Doll:

  • Removable vagina and ultra-soft vagina
  • Sound/Moaning feature and Implanted Hair (on the head)
  • Heating and Implanted Hair (on the head)How do soft gel implants feel like?

Here's a video demo of soft gel implants. Doll in the demo is a Sino Doll.

Can I have a doll made of a celebrity, model, or my ex-girlfriend?

We are unable to create a doll that exactly resembles any person, celebrity or otherwise, without their explicit permission.

For deceased or fictional characters, approval must come from their trust or licensing body. However, we can use photos you provide to find a similar face structure from our extensive collection of standard female faces. We can then customize the makeup, hairstyle, and coloring to resemble the person you have in mind, achieving a likeness that has been successful in past projects.

If you're interested in a doll based on our standard models but with customized features, the cost is slightly higher (please contact us for precise quotes). If explicit consent is obtained for a likeness, the individual must visit our facility for a 3D scan, which can include just the face or both face and body. Fully custom projects involve significant cost and time, depending on the specifics of your request.

Do you offer custom breast sizes?

Breasts are not separately attached; they are a seamless part of the entire body.

We can however create a custom body mold for you, which comes at an additional cost (starting at $8,000 - $10,000). Please contact us with specific requests.

Do you offer a transsexual doll?

Yes, we offer a transsexual converter on almost all dolls. It is a penis adapter that can be inserted into the vagina of the doll to transform the doll into a trans-dolls. Please contact us with specific requests.

If I order a doll with pubic hair or other body hair, is it removable?

While the doll's hair is not removable and may wear off over time due to being glued to the silicone skin, removing the pubic hair patch can result in permanent scarring on the skin. Certain premium brands such as DS or Sino Doll incorporate pubic hair sewn into the skin (hair implants), which cannot be removed without causing damage to the doll.

What qualifies as a “standard” doll?

Each doll we create is made to order, but a standard doll is crafted from a combination of face and body features, eye color, wig style and color, pubic hair, nail color, and makeup selected from our standard options. Essentially, a standard doll mirrors the appearance depicted in the product photos with basic configurations.

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Storage & Care

Are there any known health risks? How difficult is it to keep my doll in a sanitary condition?

TPE and silicone doll products sold by Doll Authority pose no known health risks. Each doll undergoes comprehensive sterilization via UV light post-fabrication. Maintaining sanitary conditions is simple - your doll can be cleaned with a gentle soap or detergent. Additionally, every Doll Authority doll includes a cleaning kit and straightforward care instructions for your convenience.

Are there items of clothing that can damage my doll?

Wearing dark clothing dyed with low-quality dyes can potentially stain your doll's skin, even if worn for short periods. To prevent this, wash all dark and vibrant-colored clothes before dressing your doll. Alternatively, consider using protective underclothing, such as nude-colored nylon body stockings or mesh tanks, to minimize the risk of staining.

Experienced doll users advise washing dark clothing repeatedly until the water runs clear to remove excess dye.

Avoid leaving tight or binding straps on your doll for extended periods, as they may cause dents in her flesh. While corsets and underwire bras are acceptable for dressing, refrain from storing your doll in these garments for prolonged periods, as the silicone or TPE may lose shape memory over time.

When dressing your doll, avoid thick clothing like denim jeans or boned items such as corsets. If you choose to dress your doll in jeans, consider using pantyhose first to facilitate smooth sliding over the skin. Additionally, tops with button, tie, snap, or zip closures are easier to put on dolls compared to T-shirts or pullovers.

Bathing & showering with my doll: best practices.

We advise against bathing or showering with your dolls. However, silicone dolls without standing foot bolts can be showered for cleaning, ensuring water does not enter through the bolts, head, neck, or any tears in the body that may expose the skeleton. Water ingress can lead to mold, rusted skeletons, and added weight.

If you opt to bathe with your doll, exercise extreme caution as they can become slippery when wet, increasing the risk of falls or injuries. We recommend sitting the doll on the edge of the tub and gradually lowering her into the water for baths. For showers, consider using a shower chair to prevent falls and facilitate safer lifting in and out of the shower.

Can I draw on the doll’s flesh with permanent ink markers?

Generally, nothing sticks to silicone — not even permanent ink. However, certain inks may cause staining, so test applications are advised.We definitely do NOT recommend using permanent markers on TPE skin.

Can I fall asleep with my doll or cuddle her in bed for movie marathon?

It's perfectly safe to fall asleep with your doll or enjoy extended cuddling sessions for a few hours. However, be mindful of your weight on the doll and expect slight deformation of her breasts and thighs after prolonged cuddling. This is normal, and she should regain her original shape within a few hours. So, cuddle away and enjoy your time with your doll!

Can I use perfumes or incense near my doll?


Perfumes are completely safe to use on your doll. To apply, simply mist her with the perfume from approximately 6 inches away to avoid leaving any wet marks on her skin. This ensures she smells delightful without any risk of perfume or moisture seeping into her skin. Plus, it's easy to wash off if needed.

Another option is to spray the perfume on your doll's wig or clothes for a lovely scent.

When it comes to using incense around your doll, it's also completely safe. However, if you use incense sticks or candles, ensure they are positioned at a safe distance from the doll to prevent any risk of burns. Safety first!

Can water become trapped inside the doll?

For silicone dolls, water typically cannot get trapped inside as they are solid silicone, except if there are standing foot bolts or unseen openings leading to the skeleton. TPE dolls, however, are porous and absorbent, making them prone to water retention, especially if they have standing foot bolts or visible openings. After bathing, ensure your doll is completely dry, using methods like tampons or an aquarium pump for drying. For TPE skin, sprinkle baby powder or corn starch to keep it moisture-free.

Doll Repair: Fixing the Boob Dent

We carefully inspect all dolls before they leave our factories. However, occasional mishaps during shipping may occur, beyond our control. One rare issue is a dent in the breast from impact during transportation. It's an easy fix, and here's how:

What you'll need:

  • Your doll
  • A sharp probe like a metal prong, skewer, or pen
  • TPE glue to seal the puncture

Please contact our team for instructions. 

Glue usage

To apply the glue evenly, use a cotton swab or toothpick, ensuring you use the right amount. Apply it to the adhesive surface and exert pressure with your hand for a minute. As it gradually solidifies, it reaches maximum strength in 5 hours. Avoid using too much glue at once.

Homemade TPE Stain Remover

Here are the steps to make a homemade TPE stain remover:

  1. Prepare a generous amount of baking soda.
  2. Place it in a bowl and add a teaspoon of warm water.
  3. Stir until it forms a thick paste or cream.
  4. Apply the paste onto the stain.
  5. Allow it to sit until the stain lightens, which may take some time, but it's effective. :)

Additionally, acne creams containing 10% benzoyl peroxide are also effective stain removers.

How can I style my doll’s hair?

All Doll Authority dolls come with high-quality synthetic wigs that can be easily removed for styling, cleaning, or replacement with any commercial wig. When brushing a long wig, it's best to use a metal brush or comb, starting from small sections near the hair tips. Gently brush out sections about 3 inches from the ends until they're smooth, then gradually work your way up towards the "scalp" to avoid tangling. Synthetic fiber wigs are easier to maintain than human hair wigs. Consider purchasing a loop bristle wig brush from your local beauty supply store, which is excellent for reducing tangles and minimizing hair damage.

How do I clean my doll?

After using your doll, promptly flush the cavities with warm water and antibacterial soap. For easy cleaning, the doll's head can be removed. Create a cleaning solution by mixing one part antibacterial soap with five parts warm water in a spray bottle. Spray the doll, wipe in small areas using a neutral-colored microfiber cloth or soft bath sponge, then rinse with cold water and pat dry with a microfiber towel. If standing your doll, use a rubber bath mat with grooves to divert water away from standing foot bolts. For seated or lying positions, use a waterproof sheet to protect surfaces. Consider using a bath chair to minimize the risk of falls during showering.

How do I move my doll?

To move your doll safely, consider using a rolling chair like a wheelchair or office chair. If not available, lift the doll using a bridal lift technique, supporting her shoulders and knees while lifting with your legs. Alternatively, lift from under the arms, keeping hands protected over the chest or shoulders. For sexual activities, use sex swings, light bondage kits, and pillows to position your doll. When bending joints, use a firm two-handed grip to avoid twisting the skin unnaturally. Avoid pulling the doll by the hands to prevent wrist damage.

How much weight can the doll support?

Doll Authority dolls can generally support over 400 lbs, depending on their size. Smaller dolls (below 140cm) can typically support 200-250 lbs, sometimes more.

Is there an ideal temperature for storing dolls?

The doll will stay fine at most room temperatures. Just avoid direct sunlight and excessive humidity.

It is difficult to keep a doll's wig on her head?

Within the wigs, there are small clips at the back that enable you to adjust the fit of the wig on the skull cap. Ensure the wig is as tight as possible. If you desire additional security, standard wig pins from any wig shop can be used to pin the wig directly to the silicone skull cap.

What is the best way to store my doll?

For optimal maintenance, it's best to store your doll hanging in a neutral position with legs slightly spread, using the provided neck bolt or closet hook. The neck bolt can be removed when the doll is in use or lying down.

To prevent permanent creases, avoid storing the doll in positions that cause creases in the silicone or TPE. If storing the doll lying or sitting, move it regularly to prevent flat spots on buttocks, legs, or breasts. For dolls with large breasts, keep a soft bra on during storage; avoid leaving underwire bras or clothes on for extended periods (more than 10 days).

What kind of lubricants should I use?

Always use a water-based lubricant such as ID Lube. Water-based lubricants are easy to clean up and will not harm the silicone. You should not use oil-based, petroleum-based or silicone lubricants.

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Misc. Questions

What if I don’t fit with doll's sex parts?

Vaginal and anal cavities are designed to be snug to accommodate any insertion, with soft, slippery, and elastic silicone or TPE flesh. Water-based lubricants are recommended for ease of entry. Dolls' oral cavities feature a soft silicone tongue and teeth (available as a paid add-on on most models), with a snug fit like the other entries. All three cavities allow deep insertions, though oral capacity may vary by face type.

How real do the breasts feel on a doll?

Realism in dolls depends on various factors. Silicone breasts typically feel more realistic than TPE. However, preferences vary; some prefer the hollow (semi-solid) feel of TPE breasts, while others prefer solid breasts. For first-time buyers, we recommend starting with a TPE semi-solid breast type.

Can you pull or bite on a doll's nipples hard without fear of tearing them?

Yes, within reason. Doll’s nipples can withstand approximately 400% elongation before tearing. 

How hard are the doll’s nipples? Will they show through clothes?

Yes, depending on the body type. Smaller breasted bodies are not suitable for this type of activity. Silicone or TPE breasts are extremely elastic and pliant.

Can I press my doll’s breasts together to form deep cleavage?

Yes, depending on the body type. Smaller breasted bodies are not suitable for this type of activity. Silicone or TPE breasts are extremely elastic and pliant.

What sort of people buy sex dolls?

Our clientele is as diverse as the reasons they have for purchasing a love doll. From futurists to artists, photographers to scientists, and everyone in between, our customers come from various backgrounds. Whether you're seeking to enhance your sex life, looking for exotic decorative art, or simply desiring the realistic companionship of a love doll, you're welcome here. 

Doll Authority Repairs

What happens if my doll breaks?

Doll Authority dolls are resilient, but not designed for extreme abuse. If a joint breaks, contact us for replacement parts and repair instructions. For tears in the flesh, commercial-grade Sili-Poxy or 3M 94 primer from your local hardware store can easily mend the damage. Reach out to our support team for step-by-step repair instructions and explore our selection of repair kits for additional assistance, including color repair kits and labia replacement kits.

What is used to paint the dolls? Will it ever rub off?

The TPE or silicone flesh of your doll is tinted with your chosen skin tone during casting, and details like lips are painted with tinted silicone, becoming part of the skin. While under normal circumstances, the paint should not rub off, prolonged dry rubbing may erode it. If the nipple, lip, or nail color wears off, repair kits are available. TPE dolls' makeup is powdered and not permanent, coming off with contact or maintenance. Mineral and Baby Oil can remove makeup, and various makeup palettes can be used for reapplication, with tutorials available online for guidance. Liquid foundation is not recommended, as it doesn't set well on silicone and gets absorbed by TPE. Powdered makeup is preferred.

What happens if a finger wire pokes through on my doll?

If a finger wire protrudes through the silicone or TPE fingertip, gently push it back inside the skin. Optionally, you can patch the hole using our silicone repair kit for silicone dolls or the 3M 94 primer for TPE dolls, or leave it as is. This issue is minor and can usually be prevented with careful positioning of the hands.

What happens if a joint breaks in my doll?

If you suspect a joint has broken, reach out to our technical department promptly at Our knowledgeable team can assist you in determining if the joint is indeed broken. If a break is confirmed, you can procure a replacement joint, and we'll provide comprehensive guidance on how to execute the repair effectively.

Can I send my doll back to you for repairs?

Currently, we do not accept doll returns at our facility due to health considerations for our staff. However, we remain available to provide assistance via email and phone as required.